On-farm Income Generating Activity (Duck)

On-farm Income Generating Activity


Suchana’s primary goal is to reduce malnutrition and stunting in children in Sylhet and Moulvibazar districts. Suchana uses a coordinated, multisectoral and comprehensive approach to ensure improved nutrition and livelihoods to achieve this goal. Suchana income generating activities (IGA) have helped households with limited resources to rear ducks, among other initiatives, to generate income.

Sowpana’s success story

Sowpana Begum is a 32-year-old woman living in the village of Bajidpur, Osmaninagar upazila, Sylhet district with her husband and 5 children. Sowpana dreamed of pursuing higher education, but was able only to complete secondary school. Her poverty-stricken family was compelled to marry her off at a young age.

Her husband is a farmer, and her family depended solely on that income. Sowpana always wanted to rear poultry but was financially incapable to do so. This changed in 2018, when Suchana organised an introductory courtyard session. Sowpana received 22 ducks from Suchana in 3 installments the following year and followed all duck rearing guidelines to maximise production and sales.

Within 2 years, Sowpana is now a proud owner of nearly 400 ducks. She used training provided by Suchana on rearing ducks. Her husband learned how to vaccinate ducks, and they regularly vaccinate the ducks themselves, saving the fee for vaccinators. Suchana also trained Sowpana to build forward and backward market linkages, including those with local pharmacies. She is able to find reliable medication for her ducks when required.

Her family is also doing much better, with 4 of her children now attending school. Sowpana is very serious about her children’s education and even pays a private tutor to help her children with their studies. Currently, she earns at around BDT 10,000 to BDT 12,000 per month which she spends on rearing her ducks, her children’s education, and a diversified diet for her family. The children consume nutritious and diversified foods, and her family has a much better quality of life.

She is a huge source of inspiration to her community and has recently received a Certificate of Reference from upazila authorities.


“Suchana has done so much for us I am really proud of how far I have come and this could not have happened without
Suchana’s intervention.”

Sowpana Begum, 32
Bajidpur, Sylhet

  • Income Generating Activities (IGA) helped 63% households generate profit
  • 72% households involved in IGA experienced better access to quality inputs
  • Among the beneficiary households, 94% were involved in rearing poultry

They surprised her with an event that was attended by the Upazila Nirbahi Officer amongst others and gave her the Certificate of Reference. She can now avail loans for her business and plan an expansion using the testimonial. This recognition has helped her feel immensely proud of her achievements and dream even bigger.


Rearing ducks as an IGA

Poultry rearing is suited for households with limited space and resources. The investment required is relatively small, with very high returns. Duck rearing also supplements the nutrition and incomes of poor and very poor families. Duck rearing:

  • fulfils nutritional needs
  • ensures sustainable production to generate extra income
  • increases assets


Facilitation of duck sales and rearing

To help beneficiary households with raising ducks, Suchana provided them with monetary and technical assistance, including:

  • buying beneficiary households’ ducks or giving them cash in installments to purchase ducks
  • connecting them with quality vendors
  • training on best practices to rear ducks
  • routine monitoring and follow-up
  • connecting beneficiaries with backward and forward market actors
  • advice and support on keeping ducks healthy



  • 70% households reported food security
  • Among very poor households, almost two-thirds currently generate profit from this income generating activity
  • Training on improved production techniques has been provided to 157,912 beneficiary households engaged in poultry farming
  • Adoption of use of hatching pots by every household has led to increased production of eggs and chicks

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